2021 article

A Methodological Approach to Update Ground Motion Prediction Models Using Bayesian Inference

Bodda, S. S., Keller, M., Gupta, A., & Senfaute, G. (2021, November 30). PURE AND APPLIED GEOPHYSICS.

By: S. Bodda n, M. Keller*, A. Gupta n & G. Senfaute*

author keywords: GMPE; Bayesian model selection; MCMC; Recalibration; ESM database; PSHA
Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 6, 2021

In recent decades, prediction of ground motion at a specific site or a region is of primary interest in probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA). Historically, several ground motion prediction equation (GMPE) models with different functional forms have been published using strong ground motion records available from NGA-West and European databases. However, low-to-moderate seismicity regions, such as Central & Eastern United States and western Europe, is characterized by limited strong-motion records in the magnitude–distance range of interest for PSHA. In these regions, the available data for the development of empirical GMPEs is very scarce and limited to small magnitude events. For these regions, the general practice in PSHA is to consider a set of GMPEs developed from data sets collected in other regions with high seismicity. This practice generates an overestimation of the seismic hazard for the low seismicity regions. There are two potential solutions to overcome this problem: (1) a new GMPE model can be developed; however, development of such a model can require significant amount of data which is not usually available, and (2) the existing GMPE models can be recalibrated based on the data sets collected in the new region rather than developing a new GMPE model. In this paper, we propose a methodological approach to recalibrate the coefficients in a GMPE model using different algorithms to perform Bayesian inference. The coefficients are recalibrated for a subset of European Strong-Motion (ESM) database that corresponds to low-to-moderate seismicity records. In this study, different statistical models are compared based on the functional form given by the chosen GMPE, and the best model and algorithm are recommended using the concept of information criteria.