2021 journal article

Comment on "Modeling slope rainfall-infiltration-runoff process with shallow water table during complex rainfall patterns" by Wu et al. (2021)


By: R. Munoz-Carpena*, C. Lauvernet*, N. Carluer* & G. Fox n

author keywords: Soil infiltration; Shallow water table; Surface runoff; Soil water redistribution; SWINGO; Hydrus-1D; VFSMOD
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 31, 2022

In this comment we draw attention to parametrization errors in this recently published article when comparing an existing model for soil infiltration under shallow water conditions, SWINGO, with an alternative solution and Richards benchmark solution. After correcting the errors, a new model comparison shows SWINGO ability to match the other approaches and supports the general validity of SWINGO’s simplified approach against the more complicated solutions.