2022 article

Out-of-Zone Signal Leakage Sensing in Radio Dynamic Zones


author keywords: Correlated shadowing; estimation; interpolation; Kriging; national radio dynamic zone (NRDZ)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 12, 2022

Radio dynamic zones (RDZs) are geographically bounded areas where novel advanced wireless technologies can be developed, tested, and improved, without the concern of interfering to other incumbent radio technologies nearby the RDZ. In order to operate an RDZ, use of a real-time spectrum monitoring system carries critical importance. Such a monitoring system should detect out-of-zone (OoZ) signal leakage outside of the RDZ, and if the interference to nearby receivers is intolerable, the monitoring system should be capable of mitigating such interference. This can e.g. be achieved by stopping operations inside the RDZ or switching to other bands for RDZ operation. In this paper, we introduce a spectrum monitoring concept for OoZ signal leakage detection at RDZs, where sensor nodes (SNs) are installed at the boundary of an RDZ and monitor the power leakage from multiple transmitters within the RDZ. We propose a prediction algorithm that estimates the received interference at OoZ geographical locations outside of the RDZ, using the measurements obtained at sparsely located SNs at the RDZ boundary. Using computer simulations, we evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm and study its sensitivity to SN deployment density.