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Melissa A Johnson


22 works, including 1 open access

Nathan Johnson


Richard R Johnson

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

2 works

Tom Johnson

Agricultural & Resource Economics

5 works

Vic Johnnie Johnson

Biological Sciences

Andrew R. Johnston


1 work

David W. Johnston

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering

Lynette Marie Johnston

Food,Bioprocess & Nutrition Sc

Alena Joignant

College of Sciences

3 works, including 1 open access

Jeff A. Joines

Textile Engineering, Chemistry & Science

148 works, including 12 open access

Sharon Joines

College of Design Administration

29 works, including 3 open access

Carly Olivia Jones

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Cedric K Jones

Extension and Engagement

Charles P Jones

Business Management

22 works

Chris Michael Jones

Center for Geospatial Analytics

8 works, including 6 open access

Corey Jones


5 works, including 3 open access

Daniela Sofia Jones

Biological & Agricultural Engineering

12 works, including 6 open access

Don Jones

Crop & Soil Sciences

Ebony Jones


2 works

Edward Mccutchen Jones

For & Envir Res Acad Research

Elizabeth Jones

Biological Sciences

3 works, including 2 open access

Eric Jones

Crop & Soil Sciences

8 works, including 4 open access

Gail Jones

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education

227 works, including 10 open access

Jacob L Jones

Materials Science & Engineering

253 works, including 86 open access

James R Jones

Animal Science

Jeffrey Brian Jones


2 works, including 2 open access

Jill S. Jones


9 works, including 5 open access