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Tessa Minchew

NC State University Libraries

9 works, including 1 open access

Yash Mishra

4 works, including 1 open access

Veena Misra

Electrical & Computer Engineering

156 works, including 32 open access

Helena Mitasova

Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

118 works, including 50 open access

Karlyn Mitchell

Business Management

18 works, including 3 open access

Sujata S. Mody

Foreign Languages & Literatures

Martin Molina-Fructuoso


1 work, including 1 open access

Marcelo Mollinari


24 works, including 19 open access

Eric Money

Center for Geospatial Analytics

14 works, including 7 open access

Nancy A Monteiro-Riviere

Clinical Sciences

385 works, including 65 open access

Julio Monti Belmonte


23 works, including 19 open access

Megan Moore

Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management

Duarte B. Morais

Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

58 works, including 8 open access

Anneke Moresco

Dept of Clinical Sciences

53 works, including 10 open access

Melinda Sandler Morrill


29 works, including 14 open access

Ashley Jo Morrison

NC State University Libraries

Zack Morrow

5 works, including 1 open access

Paul E Mozdziak

Prestage Department of Poultry Science

149 works, including 89 open access

Gaoyan Mu

Chemistry Grads & Temps

5 works, including 1 open access

David C Muddiman


352 works, including 168 open access

James Stephen Mulholland


17 works, including 5 open access

John Jeffrey Mullahey

Crop and Soil Sciences

2 works, including 1 open access

Mike Mullen

Provost and Vice Chancellor's Office

Paul W Mulvey

Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship