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Bill Rand

Business Management

54 works, including 16 open access

Thomas G. Ranney

Horticultural Science

262 works, including 50 open access

Yuhan "Douglas" Rao

North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies

36 works, including 21 open access

Greg Raschke

NC State University Libraries

14 works, including 7 open access

Adil Majeed Rather

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

29 works, including 8 open access

Benjamin J Reading

Applied Ecology

57 works, including 27 open access

Nathan P Reading


53 works, including 35 open access

Robert John Reardon

Political Science & Public Administration [in the School of Public and International Affairs]

Chris Reberg-Horton

Crop and Soil Sciences

151 works, including 25 open access

Micki Recchuiti

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

Pramod Reddy

Materials Science and Engineering

98 works, including 40 open access

Robert E Reed

Center for Applied Aquatic Ecology

34 works, including 12 open access

Brian J Reich


189 works, including 125 open access

David Michael Reif

Biological Sciences

159 works, including 103 open access

Danny Reiland

Entomology and Plant Pathology

2 works, including 2 open access

Dominic Duane Reisig

Entomology and Plant Pathology

163 works, including 93 open access

Michael Hay Reiskind

Entomology and Plant Pathology

74 works, including 37 open access

Ruben Rellan-Alvarez


65 works, including 35 open access

Jackie Relyea

Teacher Education and Learning Sciences

82 works, including 3 open access

Camilo Rey-Sanchez

Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences

36 works, including 25 open access

James Reynolds

Electrical and Computer Engineering

15 works, including 4 open access

Kanton T. Reynolds

Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Matt Reynolds

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Education

Stephen P. Reynolds


120 works, including 106 open access

Sarah Rhea

Population Health and Pathobiology

33 works, including 22 open access

Shannon Whitney Ricci

Center for Marine Sciences and Technology

6 works, including 3 open access

Jacelyn Rice-Boayue

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

13 works, including 5 open access

Robert Jeryl Richardson

Crop and Soil Sciences

45 works, including 14 open access

Jennifer Richmond-Bryant

Forestry and Environmental Resources

55 works, including 21 open access