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Works Published in 1993

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1993 chapter

Molluscan biostratigraphy of the Western Interior Cretaceous Basin, North America

In W. G. E. Caldwell & E. G. Kauffman (Eds.), Evolution of the Western Interior Basin (pp. 397–434). St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada: Geological Association of Canada.

By: E. Kauffman, B. Sageman, J. Kirkland, W. Elder, P. Harries & T. Villamil

Ed(s): W. Caldwell & E. Kauffman

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: March 23, 2021

1993 journal article

Dynamics of survival following the Cenomanian-Turonian (Upper Cretaceous) mass extinction event

Cretaceous Research, 14(4-5), 563–583.

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