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Works Published in 1990

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1990 journal article

Realistic Modeling of Edge Effect Stresses in Bimaterial Elements

Journal of Electronic Packaging, 112(1), 16–23.

By: J. Eischen, C. Chung & J. Kim

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1990 journal article

Indirect Measurement of the Moment-Curvature Relationship for Fabrics

Textile Research Journal, 60(9), 525–533.

By: T. Clapp, H. Peng, T. Ghosh & J. Eischen

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1990 conference paper

Controllability and stabilizability properties of a nonholonomic control system

29th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control. Presented at the 29th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control.

By: A. Bloch & M. Reyhanoglu

Event: 29th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

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