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Works Published in 1989

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1989 journal article

The Organizational Exchange of Talent: Rotating MIS Professionals into User Areas

The Journal of Information Systems, 4(1).

By: I. Weiss & M. Lacity

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1989 journal article

Organizational connectivity systems: is function being effectively managed?

ACM SIGMIS Database: the DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems, 20(1), 16–20.

By: D. Adams & I. Weiss

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1989 journal article

The Use of Low and High Rich Information Sources and Communication Channels in Developing and Implementing Competitive Business Strategy.

Academy of Management Proceedings, 1989(1), 245–249.

By: B. Tyler, K. Bettenhausen & R. Daft

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1989 journal article

Why Construction Industry Productivity is Declining: Reply

The Review of Economics and Statistics, 71(3), 547.

By: S. Allen

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1989 journal article

Supersonic flutter of aeroelastically tailored oblique wings

Journal of Aircraft, 26(1), 75–83.

By: T. Weisshaar & J. Bohlmann

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1989 chapter

Balancing Corporate Strategy and Executive Compensation: Agency Theory and Corporate Governance

In G. R. Ferris & K. M. Rowland (Eds.), Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management (Vol. 7, pp. 25–57). Retrieved from

By: R. Hoskisson, M. Hitt, T. Turk & B. Tyler

Ed(s): G. Ferris & K. Rowland

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1989 article

Changes in the Cyclical Sensitivity of Wages in the United States, 1891-1987


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