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48 people from this unit have registered their ORCID iD in the Citation Index.

Joseph Gage

20 works, including 18 open access

Travis W Gannon

60 works, including 21 open access

Kevin Garcia

47 works, including 23 open access

Luke Gatiboni

123 works, including 67 open access

Jay Gillenwater

2 works, including 1 open access

James W. Gilliam

38 works, including 2 open access

Major M. Goodman

61 works, including 14 open access


2 works, including 1 open access

Ben P Graham

3 works, including 1 open access

Alexandria K Graves

14 works, including 5 open access

James T Green

27 works, including 7 open access

Carol Griffin

1 work, including 1 open access

Mohammed Guedira

11 works, including 6 open access