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Works Published in 2011

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2011 journal article

Ecological Stoichiometry, Biogeochemical Cycling, Invasive Species, and Aquatic Food Webs: San Francisco Estuary and Comparative Systems

Reviews in Fisheries Science, 19(4), 358–417.

By: P. Glibert, D. Fullerton, J. Burkholder, J. Cornwell & T. Kana

Source: Crossref
Added: February 24, 2020

2011 article

Algae Source to Treatment (M57): AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practice (AWWA Manuals)

American Water Works Association. AWWA Manuals.

Source: ORCID
Added: February 5, 2020

2011 journal article

Porewater advection of ammonium into the Neuse River Estuary, North Carolina, USA

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 95(2-3), 314–325.

By: K. Null, D. Corbett, D. DeMaster, J. Burkholder, C. Thomas & R. Reed

Sources: NC State University Libraries, ORCID
Added: August 6, 2018

2011 journal article

Harmful algal blooms and eutrophication: "strategies" for nutrient uptake and growth outside the Redfield comfort zone

Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology = Zhongguo Hai Yang Hu Zhao Xue Bao, 29(4), 724–738.

By: P. Glibert & J. Burkholder

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: August 6, 2018