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Works Published in 2013

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2013 journal article

ASI:Dunaliellamarine microalgae to drop-in replacement liquid transportation fuel

Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, 32(4), 916–925.

By: W. Wang, E. Allen, A. Campos, R. Cade, L. Dean, M. Dvora, J. Immer, S. Mixson ...

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2013 journal article

Misuse of the phytoplanktonzooplankton dichotomy: the need to assign organisms as mixotrophs within plankton functional types

Journal of Plankton Research, 35(1), 3–11.

By: K. Flynn, D. Stoecker, A. Mitra, J. Raven, P. Glibert, P. Hansen, E. Graneli, J. Burkholder

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