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Works Published in 1991

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1991 book

Uganda Media Profile and an Inventory on IEC Materials on Health and Family Planning in Uganda: A research study

Kampala: Ministry of Information and Food and Agriculture Organization.

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1991 journal article


Communication Booknotes, 22(3), 60–62.

By: R. Kubey, M. Csikszentmihalyi, J. Zigerell, J. Van Evra, J. Bryant, R. Schrag, C. Luke, P. Pringle ...

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1991 chapter

Understanding failures in organizational discourse: The accident at Three Mile Island and the shuttle Challenger disaster

In C. Bazerman & J. Paradis (Eds.), Textual dynamics of the professions: Historical and contemporary studies of writing in professional communities (pp. 279–305). Madison: University of Wisconsin Press.

By: C. Herndl, B. Fennell & C. Miller

Ed(s): C. Bazerman & J. Paradis

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