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Works Published in 1983

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1983 journal article

High-speed GaAs heterojunction bipolar phototransistor grown by molecular beam epitaxy

Electronics Letters, 19(8), 278–280.

By: D. Ankri, W. Schaff, J. Barnard, L. Lunardi & L. Eastman

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1983 journal article

Sign/Logarithm Arithmetic for FFT Implementation

IEEE Transactions on Computers, C-32(6), 526–534.

By: Swartzlander, S. Chandra, Nagle & Starks

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1983 journal article

Variational formulation of magnetostatic wave dispersion relations

IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 19(5), 1865–1867.

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1983 journal article

Guiding magnetostatic surface waves with nonuniform in-plane fields

Journal of Applied Physics, 54(3), 1613–1618.

By: D. Stancil & F. Morgenthaler

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1983 patent


Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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