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Works Published in 1972

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1972 journal article

Inner functions analytic at a point

Illinois Journal of Mathematics, 16(4), 651–652.

By: S. Carmpbell

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Added: October 25, 2020

1972 journal article

The exponential representation of operator valued, differentiable inner functions

Journal of Differential Equations, 12(3), 455–461.

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Added: August 31, 2020

1972 journal article

Operator-valued inner functions analytic on the closed disc

Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 41(1), 57–62.

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Added: August 18, 2019

1972 journal article

Linear operators for which T*T and TT* commute

Proc. American Mathematical Society, 34, 177–180.

Source: NC State University Libraries
Added: July 11, 2019