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Works Published in 2004

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2004 journal article

On the limiting aerodynamic roughness of the ocean in very strong winds

Geophysical Research Letters, 31(18).

By: M. Donelan, B. Haus, N. Reul, W. Plant, M. Stiassnie, H. Graber, O. Brown, E. Saltzman

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Added: February 27, 2021

2004 report

Simulated Somali coastal oceanic response to various atmospheric wind products during fall transitions

In RSMAS technical report 2004-004.

By: G. Peng, D. Olson & T. Liu

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2004 conference paper

Investigation of the Temporal and Spatial Variability of the North Atlantic Subtropical Mode Water Using Float Data and Numerical Model Outputs

Peng, G., Chassignet, E. P., Kwon, Y.-O., & Riser, S. C. (2004, June).

By: G. Peng, E. Chassignet, Y. Kwon & S. Riser

Source: ORCID
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2004 journal article

Validation of a global reanalysis model in representing synoptic scale eddies using the scatterometer data: A case study

Geophys. Res. Lett, 31(16), L16201.

By: G. Peng

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2004 journal article

Seasonal and interannual studies of vortices in sea surface temperature data

International Journal of Remote Sensing, 25(7-8), 1371–1376.

By: Q. Yang, B. Parvin, A. Mariano, E. Ryan, R. Evans & O. Brown

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2004 journal article

Variability of the recent climate of eastern Africa

International Journal of Climatology, 24(6), 681–701.

By: C. Schreck & F. Semazzi

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