About the Citation Index

The Citation Index is a collection of citations of publications and other works by NC State faculty, students, and staff maintained by NC State University Libraries. The Citation Index provides an API which is used by faculty profile pages on some college and department websites to show your recent publication history.

ORCID provides you a persistent identifier which distinguishes you from other researchers and a way to link to your research outputs. If you use your ORCID when you publish, your ORCID profile can be automatically updated. By integrating with ORCID the Citation Index becomes aware of more of your research output automatically.

By signing up with the Citation Index we can make a certain connection between your NC State and ORCID identities. Once you sign up you gain access to services to help you maintain your Citation Index profile and seed your ORCID record. We are working on ways to help you push other selected works to ORCID in order to show a fuller picture of your research outputs. ORCID integrates with an increasing number of systems, so a complete ORCID profile can help save you time with repeated data entry.

Contact Us

You can contact us at group-lib-citations@ncsu.edu for anything related to ORCID or the Citation Index application.

For more information on related Libraries services, please link your Unity ID to your ORCID iD and then visit your Citation Index dashboard. There you will find information on how the Libraries can help you get your ORCID profile started, add works to your ORCID record, and maintain your list of citations.

Technical Questions

We are collecting this data in the hopes that it will be useful for others on campus. We are working on a new public API. If you have questions about the API or getting access to the data, please contact us at group-lib-citations@ncsu.edu.

PubMed Disclaimer

This website uses data from PubMed as one source of data. See the NCBI Website and Data Usage Policies and Disclaimers for more information.