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What is an ORCID iD?

  • A persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers.
  • A record that supports automatic links among all of your professional activities that ensures they are correctly attributed to you.
  • Your iD is yours throughout your career, no matter where you work, who funds you, whether your name or field of research changes, or if your name appears in different forms in different places
  • Learn more about the power of ORCID.
  • Learn more about ORCID at NC State.

Why register for an ORCID iD?

  • Reduces form filling: NIH, NSF, IES biosketch citations are made easy through SciENcv integration.
  • A growing list of publishers are or will soon require an ORCID iD at the time of manuscript submission including IEEE, Wiley, American Chemical Society, Springer Nature, IOP, PLOS, and Sage.
  • Collects all of your accomplishments, not just your journal publications (funding, data sets, software, patents, among others).
  • Eliminates name ambiguity.

Why link your Unity ID with your ORCID iD?

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