2023 article

Chemical Vapor Deposition of Monolayer MoS2 on Chemomechanically Polished N-Polar GaN for Future 2D/3D Heterojunction Optoelectronics

Sengupta, R., Vaidya, S., Szymanski, D., Khachariya, D., Bockowski, M., Kamler, G., … Pavlidis, S. (2023, March 24). ACS APPLIED NANO MATERIALS.

By: R. Sengupta n, S. Vaidya n, D. Szymanski n, D. Khachariya*, M. Bockowski*, G. Kamler*, P. Reddy*, Z. Sitar n, R. Collazo n, S. Pavlidis n

author keywords: N-polar; gallium nitride; chemomechanical polishing; MoS 2; monolayer; chemical vapor deposition
Source: Web Of Science
Added: April 24, 2023

The growth of monolayer MoS2 crystals on chemomechanically polished (CMP) N-polar GaN using PTAS-assisted chemical vapor deposition is demonstrated. The formation of monolayer MoS2 was initially prevented by the as-grown GaN’s large surface roughness. CMP reduces the roughness to 250 pm, enabling monolayer MoS2 triangles with edge lengths of 30 μm, a Raman peak separation of <20 cm–1, and an optical bandgap of 1.81 eV, which is on par with those obtained on smooth Ga-polar GaN. It is thus demonstrated that high-quality MoS2 monolayers can be obtained on N-polar GaN for future high-speed optoelectronic and quantum sensing applications.