2022 journal article

Automatic defect detection for fabric printing using a deep convolutional neural network


By: S. Chakraborty n, M. Moore n & L. Parrillo-Chapman n

author keywords: Automatic defect detection; printed fabric; image classification; convolutional neural network; model performance
Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 1, 2023

Defect detection is a crucial step in textile and apparel quality control. An efficient defect detection system can ensure the overall quality of the processes and products that are acceptable to consumers. Existing techniques for real-time defect detection tend to vary according to unique manufacturing processes, focal defects and computational algorithms. Although the need is high, research related to automatic printed fabric defect detection processes is not prevalent in academic literatures. This research proposes a novel methodology that demonstrates the application of convolutional neural network (CNN) to classify printing defects based on the fabric images collected from industries. The research also integrated visual geometric group (VGG), DenseNet, Inception and Xception deep learning networks to compare model performance. The results exhibit that the VGG-based models perform better compared to a simple CNN model, suggesting promise for automatic defect detection (ADD) of printed fabrics that can improve profitability in fashion supply chains.