2023 article

Identifying the Self-Sustaining Mechanisms of Transonic Airfoil Buffet with Resolvent Analysis

Iwatani, Y., Asada, H., Yeh, C.-A., Taira, K., & Kawai, S. (2023, March 24). AIAA JOURNAL.

co-author countries: Japan 🇯🇵 United States of America 🇺🇸
author keywords: Airfoil; Shock Waves; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Freestream Mach Number; Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes; Modal Analysis; Large Eddy Simulation
Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 1, 2023

The self-sustaining mechanisms of shock oscillations in transonic airfoil buffet are studied by wall-resolved large-eddy simulation (LES) and resolvent analysis. The LES successfully reproduces the large-scale shock oscillations over a transonic OAT15A airfoil, and the resolvent analysis using the high-fidelity LES data reveals the input–output relations in the self-sustained shock oscillations. Based on the input–output relations revealed by the resolvent analysis, this study identifies two mechanisms of the self-sustained shock oscillations. The first mechanism is closely tied to the periodic variations of the shock-induced separation height, whereas the second mechanism is related to the pressure dynamics around the shock wave. The mechanisms of the self-sustained shock oscillations identified by the input–output relations are examined in detail along with the high-fidelity LES data to aid the understanding of the feedback formulations in transonic airfoil buffet.