2023 journal article

A Robust Bubble Growth Solution Scheme for Implementation in CFD Analysis of Multiphase Flows


By: H. Pang n & G. Ngaile n

co-author countries: United States of America 🇺🇸
author keywords: Rayleigh-Plesset equation; finite difference; euler method; cavitation
Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 15, 2023

Although the full form of the Rayleigh–Plesset (RP) equation more accurately depicts the bubble behavior in a cavitating flow than its reduced form, it finds much less application than the latter in the computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulation due to its high stiffness. The traditional variable time-step scheme for the full form RP equation is difficult to be integrated with the CFD program since it requires a tiny time step at the singularity point for convergence and this step size may be incompatible with time marching of conservation equations. This paper presents two stable and efficient numerical solution schemes based on the finite difference method and Euler method so that the full-form RP equation can be better accepted by the CFD program. By employing a truncation bubble radius to approximate the minimum bubble size in the collapse stage, the proposed schemes solve for the bubble radius and wall velocity in an explicit way. The proposed solution schemes are more robust for a wide range of ambient pressure profiles than the traditional schemes and avoid excessive refinement on the time step at the singularity point. Since the proposed solution scheme can calculate the effects of the second-order term, liquid viscosity, and surface tension on the bubble evolution, it provides a more accurate estimation of the wall velocity for the vaporization or condensation rate, which is widely used in the cavitation model in the CFD simulation. The legitimacy of the solution schemes is manifested by the agreement between the results from these schemes and established ones from the literature. The proposed solution schemes are more robust in face of a wide range of ambient pressure profiles.