2023 journal article

Pneumatic compression therapy using the EQ Press accelerates lymphatic flow in healthy equine forelimbs as determined by lymphoscintigraphy


By: D. Koch n, L. Schnabel n, J. Reynolds n & C. Berry n

MeSH headings : Horses; Animals; Lymphoscintigraphy / veterinary; Technetium Tc 99m Sulfur Colloid; Lymph Nodes; Lymphedema / diagnostic imaging; Lymphedema / therapy; Lymphedema / veterinary; Forelimb / diagnostic imaging; Radiopharmaceuticals; Horse Diseases / pathology
Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 22, 2023

Abstract OBJECTIVE Limb lymphedema in horses can be debilitating and painful. Pneumatic compression therapy has shown significant benefits for people suffering from lymphedema. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of a novel, equine-specific pneumatic compression device on the lymphatic flow of healthy horse forelimbs as determined by Tc-99m sulfur colloid lymphoscintigraphy. ANIMALS 6 healthy Thoroughbreds. PROCEDURES In a randomized crossover design, horses underwent bilateral forelimb lymphoscintigraphy following subcutaneous injection of Tc-99m sulfur colloid at the coronary band as untreated control or with pneumatic compression therapy using the EQ Press. Lateral, static images were obtained of the distal limb (time 0 to 60 minutes) and proximal limb (time 30 to 60 minutes) using a standard gamma camera. Lymphatic flow was determined by assigning a score to the time point at which Tc-99m sulfur colloid was first visualized at the level of the accessory carpal bone (1 to 7) in the distal limb and the cubital lymph node (1 to 4) in the proximal limb. RESULTS EQ Press treatment led to a significantly faster lymphatic flow of Tc-99m sulfur colloid to the predetermined anatomic locations of the accessory carpal bone ( P = .002) in the distal limb and the cubital lymph node ( P = .001) in the proximal limb. CLINICAL RELEVANCE Pneumatic compression therapy as provided by an equine-specific device encouraged lymphatic flow in healthy, nonedematous equine forelimbs. These data support further study of the EQ Press for pneumatic compression therapy in horses clinically affected by lymphedema and lymphatic drainage disorders.