2023 journal article

Targeting Neutrophil β2-Integrins: A Review of Relevant Resources, Tools, and Methods


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MeSH headings : Humans; Neutrophils / metabolism; CD18 Antigens / metabolism; Inflammation / metabolism; Signal Transduction / physiology; Cell Adhesion / physiology
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Added: May 28, 2023

Neutrophils are important innate immune cells that respond during inflammation and infection. These migratory cells utilize β2-integrin cell surface receptors to move out of the vasculature into inflamed tissues and to perform various anti-inflammatory responses. Although critical for fighting off infection, neutrophil responses can also become dysregulated and contribute to disease pathophysiology. In order to limit neutrophil-mediated damage, investigators have focused on β2-integrins as potential therapeutic targets, but so far these strategies have failed in clinical trials. As the field continues to move forward, a better understanding of β2-integrin function and signaling will aid the design of future therapeutics. Here, we provide a detailed review of resources, tools, experimental methods, and in vivo models that have been and will continue to be utilized to investigate the vitally important cell surface receptors, neutrophil β2-integrins.