2023 article

Bio-Mimic, Fast-Moving, and Flippable Soft Piezoelectric Robots

Chen, E., Yang, Y., Li, M., Li, B., Liu, G., Mu, W., & Yin, R. (2023, May 10). ADVANCED SCIENCE.

By: E. Chen n, Y. Yang n, M. Li n, B. Li n, G. Liu*, W. Mu*, R. Yin n

author keywords: fast moving; piezoelectric; resonance; soft robots; spiral structure
Source: Web Of Science
Added: May 30, 2023

Cheetahs achieve high-speed movement and unique athletic gaits through the contraction and expansion of their limbs during the gallop. However, few soft robots can mimic their gaits and achieve the same speed of movement. Inspired by the motion gait of cheetahs, here the resonance of double spiral structure for amplified motion performance and environmental adaptability in a soft-bodied hopping micro-robot is exploited. The 0.058 g, 10 mm long tethered soft robot is capable of achieving a maximum motion speed of 42.8 body lengths per second (BL/s) and a maximum average turning speed of 482° s−1. In addition, this robot can maintain high speed movement even after flipping. The soft robot's ability to move over complex terrain, climb hills, and carry heavy loads as well as temperature sensors is demonstrated. This research opens a new structural design for soft robots: a double spiral configuration that efficiently translates the deformation of soft actuators into swift motion of the robot with high environmental adaptability.