2023 journal article

Mapping the Landscape of Citizen Science in Africa: Assessing its Potential Contributions to Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 11 on Access to Clean Water and Sanitation and Sustainable Cities

Citizen Science: Theory and Practice.

By: P. Elias, A. Shonowo*, A. Sherbinin*, C. Hultquist*, F. Danielsen, C. Cooper n, M. Mondardini*, E. Faustman* ...

Source: ORCID
Added: June 28, 2023

Data are vital for and creating knowledge-based solutions to development challenges facing Africa. As a result of gaps in government-funded data collection, and in the interest of promoting community engagement, there is a global movement towards consideration of nontraditional sources of data, including citizen science (CS) data. These data are particularly valuable when collected at a high resolution over large spatial extents and long time periods. CS projects and infrastructure are abundant and well documented in the Global North, while needs for participatory projects to fill environmental monitoring gaps may be greater in the Global South. The paper explores the contributions of citizen science projects originating in Africa for two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely SDG 6