2023 conference paper

Multimodal CS Education Using a Scaffolded CSCL Environment

Monahan, R., Vandenberg, J., Gupta, A., Smith, A., Elsayed, R., Fox, K., … Mott, B. (2023, June 29).

co-author countries: United States of America 🇺🇸
Source: ORCID
Added: June 30, 2023

There is a growing need for 21st-century workers to be digitally literate and to possess computational thinking and collaborative problem-solving skills. Computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) focused on computational thinking can guide students toward the co-development of these skills. In this work, we present our approach to integrating virtual and physical learning modalities into InfuseCS, a CSCL environment. InfuseCS uses problem-based learning scenarios to situate upper elementary school students (ages 8 to 11) in a CSCL setting to foster their computational thinking and science knowledge construction as they collaborate to create digital narratives.