2023 journal article

Comparative assessment of optical characterization of prismatic materials (PMs), using genBSDF tool for virtual simulations and a goniophotometer for physical measurements


By: M. Haghani n, J. Jonsson*, M. Salamati n & W. Place n

author keywords: Complex fenestration systems (CFSs); Prismatic Material (PM); Characterization; genBSDF; Goniophotometer; Building sustainability
UN Sustainable Development Goal Categories
13. Climate Action (Web of Science)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: July 3, 2023

To improve daylight availability and thermal performance of buildings, complex fenestration systems are used to redirect/distribute solar radiation indoors. We need to characterize the optical properties of these complex fenestration systems through measuring their spectral, bidirectional distribution function to evaluate their performance for energy efficiency, daylight availability, and building sustainability purposes. This paper represents the characterization of two different Prismatic Material (PM) products that apply to diverse purposes in buildings. First, we conduct two methods to measure the Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) of materials; genBSDF raytracing tool of Radiance and goniophotometer measurement (goniophotometry). In the next step, we compare the genBSDF result with the results of the goniophotometry. The aim of this study is to evaluate the angular-based optical behavior of prismatic materials in distributing light and also to assess the reliability of the genBSDF tool result for further simulation of high-performance building purposes. The results demonstrate that the genBSDF raytracing tool method creates a comparable result to the goniophotometry method. Therefore, genBSDF is a robust tool for assessing the solar-optical properties of PMs.