2022 journal article

A Standard Model Approach to Inflation

Journal of Modern Physics, 13(02), 113–121.

By: R. Hayes n

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Added: July 4, 2023

By assuming the cosmological principle includes the Pauli Exclusion Principle (PEP) and that the initial singularity existed within Planck time and length scales, a model for inflationary expansion is argued using only standard model physics without any changes to general relativity.All Fermionic matter is forced by the PEP to make a quantum transition to minimally orthogonal states in sequential Planck time intervals.This results in an initial inflation effect due to nearest neighbor quantum transitions which is then exacerbated by matter and antimatter creation effects due to collisions giving rise to the observational effects of universal inflation.The model provides a mechanistic explanation for primordial expansion using only physics from the standard model, specifically utilizing the PEP as a repulsion force between indistinguishable fermions.The present theory offers the benefit of not requiring any particles or fields outside of the standard model nor utilizing changes to general relativity.More succinctly, this theory goes beyond simply offering a mathematical representation (or fit) of the functional dependence but rather offers a mechanistic model to drive inflation using only standard model physics.