2001 journal article

3l3l ' 3l '' states of He- - art. no. 052503

Physical Review. A, 6405(5), 2503-.

By: K. Chung n

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Extensive complex-rotation calculations are carried out for eight ${\mathrm{He}}^{\ensuremath{-}}$ ${3l3l}^{\ensuremath{'}}{3l}^{\ensuremath{''}}$ states in order to understand the resonance structure of ${\mathrm{He}}^{\ensuremath{-}}$ below the He ${3s3p}^{1}{P}^{o}$ threshold. It is found that the spectrum is very different from that of the ${\mathrm{He}}^{\ensuremath{-}}$ ${2l2l}^{\ensuremath{'}}{2l}^{\ensuremath{''}}$ states. A $3s\ensuremath{-}3p$ energy inversion is uncovered. Our result suggests that unlike the resonance structures below the $n=2$ region, ${3s3p}^{2}{}^{2}S$ and ${3s3p}^{2}{}^{2}P$ do form closed-channel resonances below the $3s3p{}^{3}{P}^{o}$ threshold. The results of this study are used to understand the scattering experiment of Roy [Phys. Rev. Lett. 38, 1062 (1977)].