2023 journal article

Micropatterned Elastomeric Composites for Encapsulation of Transient Electronics

ACS NANO, 17(15), 14822–14830.

author keywords: biodegradable elastomer; polymer composite; stretchable encapsulation; biodegradableelectronics; transient electronics
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Added: August 14, 2023

Although biodegradable, transient electronic devices must dissolve or decompose via environmental factors, an effective waterproofing or encapsulation system is essential for reliable, durable operation for a desired period of time. Existing protection approaches use multiple or alternate layers of electrically inactive organic/inorganic elements combined with polymers; however, their high mechanical stiffness is not suitable for soft, time-dynamic biological tissues/skins/organs. Here, we introduce a stretchable, bioresorbable encapsulant using nanoparticle-incorporated elastomeric composites with modifications of surface morphology. Nature-inspired micropatterns reduce the diffusion area for water molecules, and embedded nanoparticles impede water permeation, which synergistically enhances the water-barrier performance. Empirical and theoretical evaluations validate the encapsulation mechanisms under strains. Demonstration of a soft, degradable shield with an optical component under a biological solution highlights the potential applicability of the proposed encapsulation strategy.