2023 article

Medium Voltage Solid State Transformer for Extreme Fast Charging Applications


By: M. Awal n, O. Montes n, F. Teng n, D. Wang n, M. Bipu n, W. Yu n, S. Lukic n, I. Husain n

co-author countries: United States of America 🇺🇸
author keywords: XFC; SST; cascaded H-bridge; DAB; extreme fast charging; EV charging; DC ultra-fast charging
Source: Web Of Science
Added: September 5, 2023

A modular and scalable solid state transformer (SST) with direct medium voltage (MV) AC connectivity is proposed to enable DC extreme fast charging (XFC) of electric vehicles. Single-phase-modules (SPMs), each consisting of an active-front-end (AFE) stage and an isolated DC-DC stage, are connected in input-series-output-parallel (ISOP) configuration. The modular hardware is co-designed with decentralized control of the DC-DC stages where voltage and power balancing are achieved by each SPM using only its local sensor feedback; a centralized controller (CC) regulates the low voltage (LV) DC bus through the AFE stages without any sensor feedback form the SPMs. The controller architecture contrasts sharply with the prior art for MV AC to LV DC SSTs where high-speed bidirectional communication among SPMs and a CC are required for module-level voltage and power balancing, which severely limits the scalability and practical realization of higher voltage and higher power units. Detailed small-signal analysis and controller design guidelines are developed. Furthermore, a soft start-up strategy is presented. The proposed converter and control structure are validated through simulation and experimental results.