2023 article

Blueberry intervention mitigates detrimental microbial metabolite trimethylamine N-oxide by modulating gut microbes

Satheesh Babu, A. K., Petersen, C., Iglesias-Carres, L., Paz, H. A., Wankhade, U. D., Neilson, A. P., & Anandh Babu, P. V. (2023, November 3). BIOFACTORS.

By: A. Satheesh Babu*, C. Petersen*, L. Iglesias-Carres n, H. Paz*, U. Wankhade*, A. Neilson n, P. Anandh Babu*

author keywords: blueberry; chlorogenic acid; gut microbes; strawberry; trimethylamine; trimethylamine N-oxide
TL;DR: Dietary blueberries increased the abundance of bacterial taxa that are negatively associated with circulating TMA/TMAO suggesting the role of gut microbes and phenolic profiling indicates that this effect could be due to chlorogenic acid and increased phenolic contents in blueberries. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: November 27, 2023