2023 article

Robust assessment of associations between weather and eastern wild turkey nest success

Boone, W. W., Moorman, C. E., Moscicki, D. J., Collier, B. A., Chamberlain, M. J., Terando, A. J., & Pacifici, K. (2023, November 15). JOURNAL OF WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT.

author keywords: climate change; Galliformes; Meleagris gallopavo; Phasianidae; precipitation; temperature; wet hen hypothesis
TL;DR: Temperature and precipitation have been identified as factors that potentially influence eastern wild turkey reproduction, but robust analyses testing the relationship between weather parameters and turkey nest success are lacking, and projections of future nest success or daily nest survival suggest that nest success may increase as January precipitation increases and thatdaily nest survival may increaseAs temperature during incubation increases. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Added: December 4, 2023