2023 article

Gut Microbiota Depletion Using Antibiotics to Investigate Diet-Derived Microbial Metabolites: An Efficient Strategy

Babu, A. K. S., Petersen, C., Paz, H. A., Iglesias-Carres, L., Li, Y., Zhong, Y., … Babu, P. V. A. (2023, December 6). MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH.

By: A. Babu*, C. Petersen*, H. Paz*, L. Iglesias-Carres n, Y. Li*, Y. Zhong, A. Neilson n, U. Wankhade*, P. Babu*

author keywords: antibiotics; diet-derived microbial metabolites; gut microbes; metabolic health; trimethylamine; trimethylamine N-oxide
TL;DR: This strategy effectively depletes gut microbes and suppresses the production of microbial metabolites in mice without affecting their metabolic health. (via Semantic Scholar)
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6. Clean Water and Sanitation (OpenAlex)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: December 18, 2023

ScopeGut microbiota depletion using antibiotics in drinking water is a valuable tool to investigate the role of gut microbes and microbial metabolites in health and disease. However, there are challenges associated with this model. Animals avoid drinking water because of the antibiotic bitterness, which affects their metabolic health. The present study develops an efficient strategy to deplete gut microbes without affecting metabolic parameters.