2023 article

Diet of the North American river otter (<i>Lontra canadensis</i>) in North Carolina using 2 methods

Sanders, C. W., Spear, S. F., Black, K., Olfenbuttel, C., & Deperno, C. S. (2023, December 15). WILDLIFE SOCIETY BULLETIN.

By: C. Sanders n, S. Spear, K. Black, C. Olfenbuttel* & C. Deperno n

author keywords: diet; DNA; Lontra canadensis; metabarcoding; river otter
TL;DR: Overall, river otters in North Carolina consume a large variety of prey that varied regionally, and the composition of annual river otter diets is encouraged to expand research to evaluate river otter diets year‐round and incorporate additional noninvasive methods throughout the year. (via Semantic Scholar)
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