2023 article

Identifying predictors of translocation success in rare plant species

Bellis, J., Osazuwa-Peters, O., Maschinski, J., Keir, M. J., Parsons, E. W., Kaye, T. N., … Albrecht, M. A. (2023, December 11). CONSERVATION BIOLOGY.

By: J. Bellis*, O. Osazuwa-Peters*, J. Maschinski*, M. Keir, E. Parsons*, T. Kaye*, M. Kunz*, J. Possley* ...

author keywords: endangered species; population restoration; reintroduction; seedling recruitment; species recovery; threatened species
TL;DR: Large founder sizes increased the potential for reproduction and recruitment into the next generation, while declining habitat quality and the outplanting of species with low seed production led to increased extinction risks and a reduction in potential reproductive output in the long-term, respectively. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 2, 2024