2024 journal article

A simple approach to simulate corona-charged electret filters


author keywords: Corona charging; Electrostatic field; Electret filter; Aerosol filtration; Bipolar filter
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 2, 2024

This paper presents a novel computational model devised to simulate how different ways of corona-charging a fibrous filter can impact its aerosol collection efficiency. The model assigns different bipolar charges to the fibers in the media based on how the corona-generated negative ions impact these fibers they travel from the corona needles towards the grounded surface underneath the media. The charge assignment process is based on observations made from simulating the electrohydrodynamic field around the corona needles. With the fibers virtually charged, the trajectory of positively and negatively charged aerosol particles, ranging in size from 30 to 500 nm, were simulated across the filter thickness to quantify the effect of fiber charge distribution on the filter efficiency. The performance of our virtual filter was found to be better when it was exposed to the corona ions on both the face and back sides. More interestingly, it was found that the filtration efficiency of the filter was dependent on the order by which its face and back sides were charged. The filter was observed to capture smaller particles (less than 150 nm) more efficiently when it was first charged on the face side and then charged on the back side. The opposite effect was observed when the charging order was reversed. This difference in filtration performance was found to arise from the differences in the solid volume fraction of the filter across its thickness.