2023 journal article

Heterogeneous Drone Small Cells: Optimal 3D Placement for Downlink Power Efficiency and Rate Satisfaction

DRONES, 7(10).

By: N. Namvar*, F. Afghah* & I. Guvenc n

author keywords: beamforming; drone base station (DBS); power efficiency; resource optimization; 3D deployment
UN Sustainable Development Goal Categories
7. Affordable and Clean Energy (OpenAlex)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 2, 2024

In this paper, we delve into the domain of heterogeneous drone-enabled aerial base stations, each equipped with varying transmit powers, serving as downlink wireless providers for ground users. A central challenge lies in strategically selecting and deploying a subset from the available drone base stations (DBSs) to meet the downlink data rate requirements while minimizing the overall power consumption. To tackle this, we formulate an optimization problem to identify the optimal subset of DBSs, ensuring wireless coverage with an acceptable transmission rate in the downlink path. Moreover, we determine their 3D positions for power consumption optimization. Assuming DBSs operate within the same frequency band, we introduce an innovative, computationally efficient beamforming method to mitigate intercell interference in the downlink. We propose a Kalai–Smorodinsky bargaining solution to establish the optimal beamforming strategy, compensating for interference-related impairments. Our simulation results underscore the efficacy of our solution and offer valuable insights into the performance intricacies of heterogeneous drone-based small-cell networks.