2023 article

Soft, Long-Lived, Bioresorbable Electronic Surgical Mesh with Wireless Pressure Monitor and On-Demand Drug Delivery

Kaveti, R., Lee, J. H., Youn, J. K., Jang, T.-M., Han, W. B., Yang, S. M., … Hwang, S.-W. (2023, December 13). ADVANCED MATERIALS.

author keywords: biodegradable elastomer; hernia repair; surgical mesh; transient electronics; wireless pressure sensor
TL;DR: In vivo evaluations demonstrate reliable, long-lived operation and effective treatment for abdominal hernia defects, by clear evidence of suppressed complications such as adhesion formation and infections. (via Semantic Scholar)
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3. Good Health and Well-being (OpenAlex)
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Added: January 8, 2024