2024 journal article

Carbohydrases and Phytase in Poultry and Pig Nutrition: A Review beyond the Nutrients and Energy Matrix


Source: ORCID
Added: January 25, 2024

This review aimed to clarify the mechanisms through which exogenous enzymes (carbohydrases and phytase) influence intestinal health, as well as their effects on the nutrients and energy matrix in diets fed to poultry and pigs reared under sanitary challenging conditions. Enzyme supplementation can positively affect intestinal microbiota, immune system, and enhance antioxidant status. Although enzymes have been shown to save energy and nutrients, their responses under sanitary challenging conditions are poorly documented. Immune system activation alters nutrient partitioning, which can affect the matrix values for exogenous enzymes on commercial farms. Notably, the carbohydrases and phytase supplementation under sanitary challenging conditions align with energy and nutritional valorization matrices. Studies conducted under commercial conditions have shown that matrices containing carbohydrases and phytase can maintain growth performance and health in poultry and pigs. However, these studies have predominantly focused on assessing a single level of reduction in energy and/or available phosphorus and total calcium, limiting our ability to quantify potential energy and nutrient savings in the diet. Future research should delve deeper into determining the extent of energy and nutrient savings and understanding the effects of alone or blended enzymes supplementation to achieve more specific insights.