2024 article

Developmental exposure to pesticides that disrupt retinoic acid signaling causes persistent retinoid and behavioral dysfunction in zebrafish

Hawkey, A. B., Shekey, N., Dean, C., Asrat, H., Koburov, R., Holloway, Z. R., … Levin, E. D. (2024, January 17). TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES.

By: A. Hawkey*, N. Shekey n, C. Dean*, H. Asrat*, R. Koburov*, Z. Holloway*, S. Kullman n, E. Levin*

author keywords: zebrafish; development; neurobehavioral toxicology; retinoic acid receptors
TL;DR: It is demonstrated that early developmental exposure to environmental toxicants that interfere with RA signaling cause short as well as long-term behavioral disruption in a well-established zebrafish behavioral model and the meaning of the RA adverse outcome pathway is expanded, indicating that observed effects likely correspond with the nature of underlying homeostatic effects. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: January 29, 2024