2021 article

A Military Logistics Network Planning System

Rogers, M. B., McConnell, B. M., Hodgson, T. J., Kay, M. G., King, R. E., Parlier, G., & Thoney-Barletta, K. (2021, November 12).

Source: ORCID
Added: February 2, 2024

This paper presents a proof of concept for a Military Logistics Network Planning System (MLNPS) to be used during mission planning to quickly identify a robust logistical footprint that can adequately sustain units deployed in an expeditionary environment. The logistical network is modeled using an efficient form of goal-seeking deterministic discrete event simulation to process supply requisitions through the logistical network. The queuing information obtained from the simulation informs capacity adjustments to the network to maximize efficiency. This process of simulation and network tuning continues interactively until an adequate and robust logistical footprint is found. During the planning stages, the MLNPS can be used to identify and mitigate logistical problems instead of waiting to react to backlogs when the military's operations would have already been affected. Designed to run as an app on the Army's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (Global Combat Support System-Army), the MLNPS can also be used during operations to inform commanders of expected operational impacts on logistics. Contingency operation scenarios are used to demonstrate the MLNPS' capabilities.