2024 journal article

Comparative study of physical and virtual fabric parameters: physical versus virtual drape test using commercial 3D garment software

The Journal of The Textile Institute.

By: S. Youn n, C. Knowles*, A. Mills n & K. Mathur n

Source: ORCID
Added: February 10, 2024

The adoption of three-dimensional (3D) fabric simulator technology is rising in the apparel and textile supply chains. However, a standard virtual fabric test method has not yet been developed. This paper aims to investigate fabric simulation parameters, including digitized physical properties and particle distance that influence drape simulation. To achieve this goal, the paper consists of three phases. The first phase focuses on developing a reliable virtual drape test setup compatible with the Cusick drape tester by adjusting different variables, such as the cylinder’s height and ring diameters. The second phase investigates the drape coefficient (DC) influencing parameters using the devised drape test method, specifically focusing on digitized physical properties obtained from standard testing equipment or a simplified fabric kit. The last phase investigates the effect of particle distances on virtualized fabric. By understanding the simulation parameters that affect the virtualized fabric, the study suggests approaches to minimize the gap and optimize the ability of simulator technology.