2024 article

As prey and pollinators, insects increase reproduction and allow for outcrossing in the carnivorous plant <i>Dionaea muscipula</i>

Hamon, L. E., Youngsteadt, E., Irwin, R. E., & Sorenson, C. E. (2024, January 30). AMERICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY.

author keywords: carnivorous plants; Dionaea muscipula; Droseraceae; plant-insect interactions; pollination; pollination ecology; reproductive biology; resource limitation
TL;DR: This study reinforces the reliance of D. muscipula on adequate prey capture for flower, fruit, and seed production and a mobile pollen vector for reproduction, indicating the importance of considering insects as part of an effective conservation management plan for this species. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 12, 2024