2023 journal article

Maternal organophosphate flame retardant exposure alters the developing mesencephalic dopamine system in fetal rat


By: A. Newell n, V. Kapps n, Y. Cai n, M. Rai, G. St Armour n, B. Horman n, K. Rock n, S. Witchey n, A. Greenbaum n, H. Patisaul n

author keywords: neurodevelopment; monoamine; OPFR; OPE; flame retardants; neurotransmitters; neurotoxicity; neurotoxicology; prenatal; reproductive and developmental toxicology; mesocortical dopamine system; tissue clearing light sheet microscopy.
TL;DR: Results indicate maternal exposure to OPFRs alters the development trajectory of the embryonic dopaminergic system and adds to growing evidence of OPFR developmental neurotoxicity. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: February 12, 2024