2024 journal article

Consumption of Sustainable Denim Products: The Contribution of Blockchain Certified Eco-Labels

Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research.

By: X. Lou* & Y. Xu n

Source: ORCID
Added: February 22, 2024

Consumers’ growing interest in the environmental and social impacts of products has increased demand for sustainable fashion items, particularly denim. Emerging technologies such as blockchain technology and labeling certifications have been developed to address sustainability issues by improving supply chain transparency and efficiency. This research investigates the trade-offs consumers make when purchasing sustainable denim jeans and the impact of sociodemographic factors on their decision-making process. Employing a conjoint analysis approach, four attributes were examined: price, brand name, types of materials, and eco-labeling. The results indicated that price is still the most influential factor, followed by material, brand name, and eco-label. Although eco-labeling is of little importance to consumers, it offers valuable insights for effective communication of sustainable practices. Consumers prefer denim with a blockchain eco-label, followed by a fair-trade certificate. This research enhances the understanding of consumer behavior toward sustainable consumption and offers strategic insights for denim producers and marketers.