2024 article

Estimation of Additive and Dominance Effects in an Acacia crassicarpa Multi-Environment Progeny Trial Using Genomic Pedigree Reconstruction

Martins, G. S., Yuliarto, M., Yong, W. C., Melia, T., Maretha, M. V., Sharma, M., … Hodge, G. (2024, February 10). FOREST SCIENCE.

By: G. Martins n, M. Yuliarto, W. Yong, T. Melia, M. Maretha, M. Sharma, N. Lakey*, J. Ordway*, J. Acosta n, G. Hodge n

author keywords: Acacia crassicarpa; full-sib family; genetic control; additive; dominance; genetic correlation; multi-environmental trial; progeny trial
TL;DR: Large-scale pedigree reconstruction in multi-environment trials was used to assess full-sib families to model the genetics of the quantitative traits survival, straightness, height, diameter at breast height, tree volume, mean annual increment (MAI), and basic density. (via Semantic Scholar)
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Added: February 26, 2024