2024 article

Pre-challenge gut microbial signature predicts RhCMV/SIV vaccine efficacy in rhesus macaques

Brochu, H. N., Smith, E., Jeong, S., Carlson, M., Hansen, S. G., Tisoncik-Go, J., … Peng, X. (2024, February 28).

By: H. Brochu n, E. Smith*, S. Jeong n, M. Carlson*, S. Hansen*, J. Tisoncik-Go*, L. Law*, L. Picker*, M. Gale*, X. Peng n

TL;DR: Findings indicate that changes in gut microbiomes are associated with RhCMV/SIV vaccine-induced protection and early host response to vaccination in rhesus macaques. (via Semantic Scholar)
Source: ORCID
Added: March 1, 2024