2023 journal article

Control of a 4-Pole/2-Pole Electronic Pole-Changing Induction Motor for Traction Applications


author keywords: Constant power region; induction motor drives; induction motors; pole-changing; smooth transition
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7. Affordable and Clean Energy (OpenAlex)
Source: Web Of Science
Added: March 11, 2024

Pole-changing motors can be very useful for traction applications which require high torque at low speeds and an extended speed range of operation. The dual pole operation can be used to extract high torque during starting with a high pole configuration and an increased constant power region with a lower pole operation. The design and control of a 4-pole/2-pole induction motor is presented in this article where pole-transition can be performed on the fly through electronic control. The electronic pole-changing is augmented through controls that stabilizes the flux of the incoming pole of operation before initializing a change in torque commands. Torque and power characteristics of the pole changing motor are shown to have enhanced performance in the constant power region in comparison to the baseline motor. Appropriate torque and flux commands are used to experimentally demonstrate a smooth electronic pole-changing transition with minimum torque transients.